Traveller’s Hat

Requires around 200 metres of aran weight yarn – I used 3 skeins of Debbie Bliss Rialto Aran Yarn, 2 in the darker colour, but only needed a bit of the second skein, and one in the lighter colour. Should be fine in any aran or worsted weight yarn.

3.25 mm circular needles

4.00 mm circular needles.

Cast on 88 stitches in a stretchy cast on. I used a doubled tail long tailed cast on which gives an ideal edge.

Knit one row.

Work k1, p1 for 12 rows.

Each stripe is worked for ten rows. To produce a ‘jogless’ stripe, slip the first stitch of the new colour. For each stripe, work the following two rows 5 times:

1. knit all stitches

2. k1, p1 to the end.

I worked 5 stripes & then on the sixth stripe work 8 rows in pattern & then on the 9th row work all stitches k2 tog, 10th row knit to end. Knit an extra stipe if more ‘slouch’ is required!

Cut yarn with a long tail, thread onto a needle & run needle through all of the stitches. Pull tight & finish.

*change needles after ribbing. Start with smaller needles & then go to 4.00mm ones (added oct 2011)



  1. Why did you list two size needles, did you use both sizes?

    • the smaller needles are usually used on the brim or ribbing on the base of the cap/hat/beanie… using a size smaller needle allows the brim to hold on to the head a little better, while still allowing room for the body of the hat

      • Thanks for that & I have now added the correction to the pattern page. Finer needles first & then 4.00mm ones.

  2. What is a doubled tail long tailed cast on ?

  3. I am new to knitting so I was just hoping you could tell me with the knitting needle size, how do you know what length to use? I found like a 12″ 4.0 mm needle and another thats 16″ mm needle. How do u know which to use? Even with just knitting in general is there a way to tell which length is best?

  4. Summerg41, for knitting an adult hat, 16 circular works best. 🙂 12 would be too snug and 24 wouldn’t allow for you to work it tight enough. 🙂

  5. Hello: I love your pattern. Can you tell me if it is implied that you join in the round and mark the first stitch after casting on? I am new to knitting and unsure about this. Thank you.

    • Glad you like the pattern- yes you do join in the round after casting on & knit in the round from there. You can knit it on 4 double pointed needles or start with a 16″ circular but might prefer to swap to dpk’s when you decrease the number of stitches.

  6. I’m not sure how to slip the first stitch of the new colour, surely to joint it would…GAH, I don’t get it! Could you explain it please?

    • It’s called a jiogless stripe – it’s because you are knitting in the round & without doing this you get a step! this is the tutorial I think I used after a friend showed me the neater effect. There are a number of tutorials out there. Hope this helps? Sue

      • Oh of course! I had a migraine earlier, my mind couldn’t grasp, of course with working in a round, superb, thank you!

  7. I don’t know if I’m not seeing it but what is the gauge?

    • I will measure the gauge on the two hats I have here. Thought I had added it! Sue

      • Sounds good..Thank you 🙂

      • The only one I had at home was a black one so it was quite hard to measure! I THINK it is around 16 stitches & 22 rows over a 4 inch square, knitted in Drops Alaska which is an Aran weight yarn, measured over the garter rib. This may be a bit loose as its my ski hat & it stretched a bit in the snow last year! It knits up ok in aran/ worsted or DK as it has plenty of ‘give’. My son (grey & cream & shades of grey) has a small head & my nephew Gareth has a big one(!) – Travellers hat fits both fine! Hope this helps. Sue

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  9. It would be helpful to know the gauges especially the row gauges, in order to plan for size and make design adjustments

  10. If the gauges stated above are correct, the hat would be 22″ in circumference and 13″ long. That would be a very large hat indeed.

  11. So, i never knitted before and i am planning to use this for my first ever knitting pattern. But i have a question. for the hat is it like , knit then 1k 1p and then knit and then 1k 1p and so on or is it just knit for the beginning

    • Hi Angela, as the hat is knited in the round ie a continous tube, it is one complete round in knit one, purl one then the next round all knit for the main part of the hat BUT the first set of rows are all K1, P1 to give a tighter rim to the hat. I suggest you use a stitch marker to mark the start of each round. Good luck!

  12. You should make a video for this hat . Im new too knitting so it’s hard to read the patterns. I love this hat though!!😊

  13. There are many ‘how to’ videos on the Internet for all of the techniques used in the hat. Glad you like the pattern. If you are new to knitting but can do the basics then perhaps try one in just one colour first. I have a black one that I love.

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