Snow Day Gaiter

This is a tighter, slightly lighter, possibly more ‘manly’ version of the Snow Day Cowl.

Recipe:snow gaiter picture final

Take a skein of bulky yarn ( 7wpi) & circular 6mm needles. I used Symfoni Love Garn, and just needed to start a second skein to get the depth I required, which was 10 inches.

If you prefer a worsted yarn such as malabrigio worsted could be used (9wpi), but cast on another 4 or 8 stitches.

Cast on 72 stitches & join

Knit a row, purl a row, knit a row, purl a row to give a ‘garter stitch’ edge. I knit 3 rows of each to give three garter stitch ‘bumps’.

Change to ‘garter stitch rib’ i.e. 1 row k2, p2 & then 1 row all knit.

Continue until cowl is almost the required length.

Repeat ‘garter stitch edge’ & bind off loosely.

Serve with a good warm jacket & stay toasty warm!

The finished gaiter has a circumference of 22 inches, giving a closer fit (but not too close). For a turtle or polo type fit, either use 5mm needles or cast on 68 stitches.




  1. Thank you for this pattern.

    I used it to do a snood for my brother. I don’t know if I understood well your explanations (am French). However it’s lovely and my brother was very happy with it 😉

  2. So pleased you like the pattern and the finished cowl.

  3. Made this neckwarmer last year for my husband. Here in cold wintry Manitoba canada it has kept him warm ever since. I used heavy worsted. Now I want to knit it for homeless folk in winnipeg out of washable wool light worsted. (Knit picks Wool of the andes.) Definitely the same pattern probably follow your suggestion to add 4 or 8 stitches. to get the same size that I made last year. Good pattern, easy to knit. Thanks for letting it be available on Ravelry.

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