Snow Day Cowl

snowday cowl_edited-1Snow Day Cowl

Knitted on a ‘snow day’ last year, when school was closed for the day! Its nothing fancy, but makes a soft & snuggly cowl. The garter stitch rib gives structure without distorting the cowl. This is the first pattern I have written up, but I have knitted it twice.


Take a skein of chunky yarn (about 200 yards needed) , such as Malabrigio Chunky &  circular 8mm needles.

cast on 64 stitches & join

Knit a row, purl a row, knit a row, purl a row to give a ‘garter stitch’ edge.

Change to ‘garter stitch rib’ i.e. 1 row k2, p2 & then 1 row all knit.

Continue until cowl is almost the required length.

Repeat ‘garter stitch edge’ & bind off loosely.snowday

Serve with a good thick jacket & stay warm!




  1. Great pattern 🙂 Could this be knitted without using circular needles?

  2. Love the yarn you used. Can you please provide more specific info on the yarn? I’m not finind Sumfoni Love Garn anywhere when I do a google search. Very cool!

    • It’s a Danish yarn -HP Coats. It’s listed on Ravelry but the online store I bought it from no longer stocks it. It was lovely. Hope you find some!

  3. I am referring to the Neck Gaiter and not the Cowl shown.

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