Posted by: fromonthehill | February 24, 2016

Gordale Hat

OK, i have been away for a while. This retirement stuff makes you busy, however I am back designing some new knitted accessories, The first of which is ‘Goredale Hat’. The theme for the next few designs is ‘Keeping Warm in the Yorkshire Dales’! It was snowing this morning! Winter so far has been more wet & wild & windy but winter may still have a cold sting to its tail, as it did in 2013!

Gordale Scar is a huge gorge in The Yorkshire Dales, only visible when you walk up through the campsite and turn the corner. Gordale Scar was created during the Ice ages, melt water creating a cavern that eventually collapsed to create the waterfall and gorge you see today including smooth rocks formed by Tufa deposits. It is a dark and damp place. Awesome but somewhere where you need a good hat!

The hat is knitted in worsted or aran weight yarn. It can be worn ‘slouchy’ or with the brim turned back for a more fitted hat. The hat is knitted on slightly thinner needles than you might expect for this weight yarn. This gives it a good fitted but stretchy brim that’s pretty windproof. It is interesting to knit but simpler than it looks!

It is sized to fit most adult sized heads but if you are knitting for a particularly small (or large) head then the pattern can be adjusted by multiples of 4 stitches.

The hat is ‘modelled’ here by my lovely son, although I have claimed it for my own!IMG_2273

The pattern can be purchased via – link here



  1. Hello, it is good to hear from you again. I often wonder about bloggers who “disappear” so its great to know that you are enjoying a busy retirement. The hat looks great, I especially like the yarn you have chosen.

    • Nice to know my re-appearance was noticed! Not quite sure why I dropped off. I think Facebook my be to blame as it creates more immediate interaction….

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