Posted by: fromonthehill | April 17, 2014

Tour de France: The Grand Depart is coming to Yorkshire & I am excited

…… July 5th sees the start of 2014 Tour de France in Leeds, Yorkshire! We have booked a camping spot in Hawes,Wensleydale to watch the race speed through the lovely countryside and to mark the occasion I have decided to try to come up with a knitted design for each of the five Dales they will ride through. Nidderdale Cottage Socks already exist, so next off the needles are Wensleydale Socks.They are a pretty, lacy sock knit in a fingering weight yarn. How do they ‘fit’ Wensleydale? They include broad sweeps of pattern that fit in with the wide sweep of the upper dale and micro details reminiscent of the small things in the dale such as the winding stone walls and the steps in the river & stream beds. Wensleydale is a ‘pretty’ dale and IMHO they are pretty socks. The pattern can be purchased on Ravelry here.


Wensleydale Socks


Penhill, Wensleydale


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