Posted by: fromonthehill | March 13, 2014

Dunstanburgh Castle Mitts

The last pattern for my ‘ebook’ to be end Britain on your hands & feet’ is ready for publication. This pattern is a fingerless mitt pattern, suitable for men or women. The name ‘Dunstanburgh Castle was chosen because I was reminded of the two

Imagetowers that form the gatehouse of the castle & stand out for miles around & the offset cables on the back of the mitts dominating the baby cables the form the rest of the mitten…………. well thats my story & I am sticking to it! The mix of cables gives a stretchy, warm mitt, that if you knit to the top of your little finger pretty much keeps ntitled “Arou

the whole of your hand warm yet allows access to touch screens, camera buttons or whatever with your fingers. The mitts are  ‘fraternal twins’ with the cable offset close to the thumb & the cables twisting in different directions. They can be knit up in 50 gms of fingering yarn with some to spare. The pink mitts were knitted with one ball of Knit Picks Pallete for example. The pattern is available to purchase individually from my design page on Ravelry now & will shortly be available as part of the ebook. I have just got to work out how that works! The link to Ravelry is


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