Posted by: fromonthehill | March 13, 2014

Around Britain on your hands & feet – An ebook of knitting patterns for socks & mittens

I have just finished the last two patterns ( Dunstanburgh Castle fingerless mitts & Nidderdale Cott


age socks & I think/hope I have correctly created an ebook of six patterns on Ravelry! Click here for the link to my Ravelry Design Page. The ebook is at the bottom of the page.

I hope people like the designs & consider 6 patterns for £10 reasonable value for money. 5/6 of the patterns are available individually for £3 each. I enjoy designing new patterns and the ebook theme was a fresh challenge. I would like to create more sets of patterns when & if the inspiration hits me. I guess they will have some geographical theme!!!!! ‘Longshore Drift Mitts’ already exist in my head & would be the first real colour work design I have attempted! Watch this space!



  1. Yay!!!!! That is so exciting!! I just love the name for your collection and the theme you have throughout the patterns — combining history, geography, and knitting!!!! I hope you keep on doing more! I bet it’s been a ton of work, but definitely something to be proud of!

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