Posted by: fromonthehill | February 24, 2014

There is a life after teaching……. Some knitting news!

Today would have been the first day back at school after the February Half Term break. We would have probably got back from a mad dash to the Alps & back. As it is we are going skiing in a months time, in TERM TIME. We have spent today doing some jobs around the house & will probably take the dog for a walk at Brimham Rocks before tea. Our time is our own. Our thoughts are not controlled by such things as Ofsted & monitoring, they are our own. Yes I still wonder how I might have bought the recent floods or the changing jet stream into my teaching but I am happy to just be ‘interested’ in such things. I still swear at the latest musings of Mr Gove but that proves I am still breathing! Running as a punishment? I wonder if my PE teacher son has picked up on the ministers latest ludicrous suggestions…. sorry policy statements?!!!!


The sock pattern!

One of the things I have been doing is designing some sock & mitt patterns that I plan to incorporate in an ‘ebook’ called ‘Around Britain on your hands & feet’. Each pattern is named after a place in Britain that I love & the pattern includes some photographs & travel details about the place. The three sock patterns are now for sale as stand alone patterns on Ravelry. They are Rozel, Balevullin & Tarr Steps. That takes in Jersey, Tiree & Exmoor so far! They are for sale on my Ravelry design page ‘Fromonthehill’s Blog’. I hope to have the ebook ready by mid March. The three mitt patterns exist in a wooly form -I just need to write up the patterns!



  1. I love the theme and description of your ebook!!!! That is so exciting!

    • Thank you Heather! We are very happy with the way our lives are ‘re-shaping’!

  2. Good to catch up with your news. I am very fond of Exmoor (I grew up in Taunton) and I remember the Tarr Steps bridge. The ebook sounds great.

    • Thank you! It was our first visit to Exmoor & we were not disappointed!

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