Posted by: fromonthehill | November 6, 2013

#A history of my world in 100 objects #21 Calendar

Not just any calendar but one without term dates marked on (well mine at least -son is now a PE teacher!). Reason? Both DH & I have snatched at a reasonable early retirement package & left teaching in July. Our calendar now has no real pattern or routine in it (other than dustbin collection days!) & we are beginning to feel at little like the Dowager Countess in Downton Abbey when she famously enquired ‘what is the weekend?’. We were able to set of on a ‘first grand retirement Roadtrip’ just a few days into September & spent 3 weeks in our demountable camper touring around Somerset, Devon & Cornwall.

I can honestly say that neither of us have had a seconds regret & are loving the freedom we have been given.


This photo was taken on Monday when we took advantage of the beautiful weather and had a day out in Wharfedale & Wensleydale. It actually would have been our first day back at school after the half term break!


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