Posted by: fromonthehill | October 27, 2011

#A history of my world in 100 objects #17

#17, Castles. Well not so much just ‘castles’ but they are an historic symbol & so castles it is. I have always enjoyed history, although its not a passion in the way that Geography is. Stories about the past have always interested me since Primary School days & over time, as I have taught some history, historical sources & skills have attracted my attention.

But to begin with castles…. They are an awesome legacy of the past. They had to be built in places that were defendable & that often made them inaccessible. As I write this I can see both Bamburgh castle & Lindasfarne castle. Both hugely important in the history of the north, although it is for its links with Christianity that Lindasfarne is far more important than just a castle. Both castles sit atop cliffs made from the incredibly hard & erosion resistant whinstone, rocks of igneous origin that form the great Whin Sill. They guard the land from the sea & must have been hugely challenging to build. Unusually both castles are habitable. Bamburgh was rescued by Lord Armstrong, the industrialist, in the 19th century, & it’s glories were re-created. Lindasfarne was styled by Edward Lutins & frankly I could happily unpack my suitcase & move in!

I enjoy the ‘what if’s’. What if Charles Edward Stuart had the abilities of William Wallace, for example. How would this have changed Scottish history? If the winds had not changed to favour the Normans in 1066? If the twin towers of the World Trade centre had not collapsed?…….. #16, castles & things historical.



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