Posted by: fromonthehill | October 25, 2011

#A history of my world in 100 objects #13

#13. Knitting! Love it! I learnt to knit at Primary School, taught by my Mum & my Great Aunt. I can clearly remember the fear of my first knitting lesson at school. I had learnt to knit but not cast on or cast off & was really worried that I would seem silly! I need not have worried. As two classes of girls were merged together (the boys did ‘handicrafts’) differentiation took place. The older girls who had completed a year of knitting & sewing lessons, sat in two rows. Those of us who could knit but not do the harder stuff, sat in another & those complete beginners sat in the row by the window! I remember then learning the new skills & knitting 20 rows, each with 20 stitches, in yellow double knitting. It made a perfect bathroom carpet for my dolls house. The teacher must have had at least 20 8 & 9 year old’s sat in front of her. I think we must have had to go to her desk if we had a problem. This was in huge contrast to when I tried to teach about 10 pupils to knit in an ‘activities’ week. I never sat down …. Cries of ‘miss, my knitting’s broken….!’.i knitted on & off through teenage years & at university & then not so much until about 5 years ago when the urge to knit hit me again & it has become a big part of my life. I am sure knitting will crop up again between #14 & #100!




  1. Enjoying your posts — wish I had time to make my own posts on 100 objects. Fun to hear how you learned to knit. I’m enjoying the Knit Club I am leading for the junior high girls. Will post pictures soon. Your house is lovely too!

    • Not so sure about the time thing! Its been half term here so I have had a bit more time to think & write. Most of the posts have been written on my iphone in an odd moment or two. I actually got my Year 7 (11 year olds) Humanities class to list 10 objects that reflect them & their life. I got some great responses. I am pleased you have enjoyed reading them so far -goodness knows when I will reach #100!!!!!

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