Posted by: fromonthehill | October 3, 2011

#A history of my world in 100 objects #10

#10 The dog lead. It’s a hybrid & vintage. Some 15 or so years ago we were walking alongside Loch Sheil with our two previous Border Collies, Brith & Glyn. We were coming to the end of a great caravanning holiday in western Scotland. We had gone to the far north, to Durness. We had experienced a heat wave & were taking an evening stroll along the southern side of the loch. Both dogs were wandering off their leads & somehow son & heir, aged about 7, managed to drop one of the leads over the wall & into deep loch water. A replacement was needed & whilst Glencoe (our next campsite) had climbing shops they didn’t have a pet shop & so we bought a climbing tape & used that. Once we replaced the lead on our return home we found that the climbing tape provided a useful extension. Brith & Glyn are no longer with us but Moss the Border Collie, now twelve, uses the lead/climbing tape combo on a daily basis. #10



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