Posted by: fromonthehill | September 25, 2011

#a history of my world in 100 Objects #6

Books. I chose these three as not only did they belong to me as a child but one was read by my Mum as a child & one read by me & my son, both as children. The Magic Faraway Tree was the one read by Mum, read to me by Mum & Dad & read by me. Shadow the Sheepdog was read by me as a child, & read to me by my son. Mystery at Witchend was, I think, mine alone but I loved the Lone Pine Five books by Malcom Saville. They were ‘adventure’ type books, set mainly in Shropshire & they led to a few family outings exploring some of the country that provided the backdrop to the books. I would have included a photo of ‘The Neglected Mountain’, a Lone Pine Five book set around the Stiperstone Hills & the rock outcrop known as The Devils Chair. My Nana bought me the book for my eleventh birthday & my birthday treat was a picnic outing to the Stiperstones. Sadly the book doesn’t seem to have made it this far. Perhaps another post will reflect books from more recent times.



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