Posted by: fromonthehill | September 25, 2011

#A History of My World in 100 Objects #5 Burnin Lov

Ok they had to make an early entry. Burnin Lov skis from K2. MY skis. They are dainty little lady skis. Little turning machines & since I got them 2 seasons ago they have helped improve my skiing. I just know what they are going to do & usually it is what I wan them to do! They are lighter than hire skis & because of the non-adjustable bindings my boots are closer to the snow which equals more control. According to the blurb they are ‘Burnin’ Luv-Burnin down groomers was never so easy The Burnin’ Luv gets beefed up in 2008. With its metal laminate, and new sidewall construction, this all-mountain ski has enhanced stability and hard snow performance’. Stability I like, hard snow performance (read ice) is good because that stuff is tricky, all mountain…. we will see! I suspect that means powder & bumps. the bump skiing is improving but the powder was in short supply last season so the jury is still out on that.

These little skis are more than just an object. They symbolise something that has become part of our family. We love to ski. We have skied as a family since our son was just three. We have skied in Europe & skied in the USA & Canada. I am no great shakes but I am told I ski neatly & in control & can get down most things if my head lets me(!). Husband is very good. Son is very very good. So there we are, #object 5


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