Posted by: fromonthehill | September 24, 2011

Bryan the demountable #A history of my world in 100 objects # 2

Bryan the Northstar demountable came into our life in July 2008. Demountable campers are rare in the UK but a chance discovery suggested that one would suit 2 + dog. Further research led us to a firm in Lincolnshire that imports Northstars from the USA (baby sized ones to suit the trucks available over here!). The rest, as they say, I’d history! We traded in our Land Rover Discovery for a black Toyota Hi Lux, took delivery of Bryan & set off for Scotland the next day. Why Bryan? Brian the Snail… Magic Roundabout… Snails have their homes on their back… Bryan nor Brian? Bryan Adams. Gotta love holidays with Bryan. Random but true. Bryan has a loo, shower, proper bed, heating, full size fridge, 4 burner cooker & can hook up to mains electricity or run off battery. It’s small but suits our needs. The 4×4 truck has taken it well off the beaten track & when we are at home he is unloaded & can be used as a garden cottage for guests. The truck is then available as vehicle for the daily commute or whatever. It’s a win win for us anyway.


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