Posted by: fromonthehill | September 24, 2011

#a history of my world in 100 objects

Inspired by friends Philip & Kelly I have decided to look for & blog about 100 objects that reflect my world, they will be ‘artefacts’ or at least photographs of them. You can read more on the evolution of the idea on Philip Harvey’s blog. What is my first item? It was sat in the kitchen when I decided to join in. It’s new & reflects what I do for a living/ my vocation or my profession whichever you prefer. It’s a collapsable box on wheels! As a teacher in a busy secondary school I have alot of stuff to carry between home & school & between office & classroom. Laptop, exercise books, text books, paper, glue, scissors…… The box on wheels seemed the answer & it is! It cost £10 from Amazon & so far has proved just dandy.

Not sure what’s happening with the photo upload using wordpress on the iphone! I had to edit the post on the laptop to add a photo. Bit of a pain -any ideas? The photo was an Instagram item! New addiction on the iphone!


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