Posted by: fromonthehill | September 24, 2011

A History of My World in 100 Objects #3 & # 4

Number 3 is my Kindle. I love a good gadget & this is a great one! I have always enjoyed a good book & our house was creeking under the weight of books. Not just lovely travel books or knitting books or other books to pick up & look at time & time again but once or twice read paperbacks. With my Kindle I have tons of good reads in one slim line lightweight package. It is ideal when the Gemini in me wants to switch from one book to another, its easy to read a heavyweight volume in bed & gone are the days when I have to pack a box of books for a holiday. Its a 3G model so I can purchase a new book pretty much anywhere. If I set it to ‘talk & fast’ & turn the volume down it will even turn the pages allowing me to knit at the same time! The electronic voice is no alternative to proper talking books though!  That brings in object number 4, the book deckchair. Together they make a great pair. 


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