Posted by: fromonthehill | September 13, 2011

Talking Books

I listen to audiobooks. Alot. I like to listen on my daily commute, which is about 30 minutes each way, & I listen in bed at night. Either to doze off to or if I wake in the night & don’t want the ‘must so’ demons to wake me up fully. I sometime listen when I am doing chores at home or when I am knitting.I listen using my iphone & the ‘Audible’ app. I felt compelled to talk about my latest listen. It is ‘Time Legacy’ by Barbara Erskine & read by Janice Mackenzie. I don’t listen to this in bed because even using the cut out at the end of the chapter option I might miss something. I have read all of Barbara Erskine’s books & enjoyed them but this may be one of the best. It is certainly the best that is available via Audible. The ‘product description’ on Amazon reads ‘Ancient secrets

 buried deep in Glastonbury’s past.

And one woman’s quest to finally set them free.
Cambridge present day: Following the death of her mother, Abi Rutherford receives a mysterious bequest – a misshapen sphere of crystal known as the Serpent’s Stone which seems to hold echoes of concealed mysteries, long covered up by the church.

Western England 25AD: A stranger has come to the chilly Somerset wetlands, with a story of hope and reconciliation. But he is being followed by powerful forces, determined that he will not undermine Roman rule in Britain.

What connects these ancient events and Abi’s gift? And why do so many people seem desperate to hide the truth?
A strange shadow has fallen across the centuries, and a woman is in fear of her life. But is it danger that awaits her, or the final truth so long whispered across the echoes of time?’

!!!! Dramatic stuff but not over dramatised in the reading.

My bed time listening tends to be old favorites, currently something by James Herriott & the lovely tales of Yorkshire Vets. They are great to listen to when the mind is tired & the eyes even more so but you are not quite ready for sleep. Audible is great. My 1 book a month, £7.95 subscription just about does me as long as I choose unabridged books (which I prefer anyway). If you are new to Audible you can trial one book for free…….


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