Posted by: fromonthehill | June 8, 2011

On the rock

Son & heir once sent a text to confirm his arrival on Jersey as “back on the rock” & so ‘the rock’ it has become. A lovely granite rock sat in the entrance to the English Channel but far nearer to France than England. Well he is there again, first for a uni. work placement & then for summer work, so we spent the last four days of half term out on Jersey. We had a fantastic time, son & heir is happy, busy & well. He works hard but his work is coastering, running a blow carting operation, kayak tours, beach management for the speed boat ops!!!!! Well he calls it work!

The weather was good- sunny & windy. We ate really well- from really good bacon sarnies at the Hungry Man cafe on the breakwater at Rozel to lovely fine dining at Corbiere Phare, overlooking Corbiere lighthouse. We stayed again at Liberty Apartments. They are part of the international Bridge Street chain & we would really recommend them. Spot on facilities- fully furnished, luxury apartments, bookable by the day, week, month…. In our book better than a 4* hotel. Same comfort more freedom!

No knitting, but quite a bit of reading. Love my Kindle, glad it has a sand proof, water proof cover!

We spent mornings exploring the island & afternoons with s&h at his ‘office’ – St Ouens beach. I sat in the sun on the bonnet of the landrover, s&h ran his blowcarting & his Dad helped! It was lovely to see how good he was with his customers & to hear the compliments from his ‘regulars’. What Mum wouldn’t like to be told ‘I would be happy if my sons grow up to be like your boy’? That caused a flow of emotion I can tell you!

Really, really didn’t want to leave but we are back in less than two months!





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