Posted by: fromonthehill | April 26, 2011

Nice to be back…… Mainly about knitting designs!

For a lot of reasons I have been a bad blooger. Mojo just not around….. 2011 not been the best behaved of years so far……., however I am back & intend to stay around! I have added a page to the blog to show off my first mitt pattern ‘Prince Bishop Mitts‘, a pair of lightweight fingerless mitts for cool spring days. They got their name from the land of the Prince Bishops -the county of Durham, England & the glorious Durham Cathedral, because that’s where I worked up the first pair. Its the first pattern I have offered for sale on Ravelry – they have been test knit by Kelly & generally took more time & thought than my first three patterns. I don’t expect to make my fortune but it would be nice to develop a new string to my income earning bow!!!! We will see how it goes. Kelly has a number of patterns published through Ravelry & has even had one featured on the Malabrigio website. She has been a sweetie in encouraging me to have a go at writing up the pattern & putting it for sale!

I have some more ideas that I am considering. I have designed and knit a pair of socks using traditional seaman’s gansey design features – Alnmouth Seaman’s Socks, for my son & have thoughts about presenting the ‘Prince Bishop’ design in a sock pattern. (I wouldn’t charge for anyone wanting the second pattern – would it be worth writing up the sock variation?

The blue ‘Prince Bishops’ are knitted in Dream in Color Smooshy, I have knitted another pair in Drops Delight so any fingering weight sock yarn would be fine.

I will photo the Alnmouth Seaman’s socks soon & post a picture here as well as on Ravelry. I would appreciate any comments & feedback on the designs.

Yeh, nice to be back!



  1. How lovely to see a post from you again!!! Your mitts are beautiful! i hope the pattern sells well and that this is just the beginning of pattern development!!! I’m in the midst of brainstorming a little bow tie pattern for boys…..we’ll see how it goes.

  2. I love the idea of socks with the same stitch pattern in the mitts–how about putting together a Ravelry pattern with the socks for a fee, but they creating a discount through the Rav store (say, buy one, get the other for $1) or something like that?

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