Posted by: fromonthehill | August 15, 2010

Landy in the rain!

It rains here sometimes! Yesterday it rained alot! Today it was sunny but now it’s not! I am sat in Absolute Adventures landrover waiting for the rest of the family to return from a coastering trip. This is an activity that I knew was not for me! Jumping into & swimming in a choppy sea, hauling myself onto wet rock & then repeating the process. I don’t think so! Hopefully the rain will knock off soon. The local forecast only talked about showers! I must admit that when I declined this adventure experience I had pictures of sitting in the sun on the beach, with book!

Anyway, whatever the weather I am really happy that we came. I will be sad to leave tomorrow & I am pretty certain that we will be back next year!



  1. So glad you decided to sit in the landrover. That activity sounded rather too cold!
    It sounds as if you have had a lovely holiday.
    Thanks for visiting my Blog.

  2. I am finally caught up with your blog!!! All of a sudden you’ve been blogging regularly. 🙂 Loved all the beautiful pictures from your travels. My sister and I have actually been to the New Lanark Mill — about 12 years ago. She bought some wool there too. I just bought some gorgeous raspberry colored wool at our State Fair in the wool room and am now contemplating which shawl…..shawls are addictive — I see that now.

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