Posted by: fromonthehill | August 4, 2010

Island Day

Tonight we are perched on a headland at the southern end of the Sleet on Skye- we had to ‘do’ one island & one ferry at least! We arrived via the bridge but we will leave by ferry boat! We have had a fairly gentle day & I have bought some yarn! I called at ‘ the handspinner’s having fun’ at Broadford & bought about 260 grams of DK Merino with 5% each of cashmere & silk in a nutty chocolate colour. It’s their own dyed/ spun yarn. I could have been tempted by some fabulous curly wenslydale in sea colours but it was £19 for 100 grams & they couldn’t tell me the meterage -they said they just weighed a similar project & used that as an estimate! He weighed a heavy weight wool crochet scarf in at 165 grams! I actually think that is really lazy on their part & cost them a sale as it was too expensive to buy ‘blind’ & I know enough to know that different yarns weigh out differently. ‘He’ is the spinner & how much effort to measure out say 10 metres & then ‘do’ the maths! They had plenty of the stuff in stock. Still I am happy with my purchase. My guess is that I have somewhere just over 600 metres of yarn which would give me a variety of options, either a shawl or a range of mitts/ hats/ gloves! Nice!


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