Posted by: fromonthehill | August 3, 2010

Over the Bealach na Ba

The Bealach na Bar is the highest road in Britain, at each end signs clearly state that it is usually impassable in wintery weather & the alternative is 45 miles of mainly single track road around the western & northern shores of Applecross. It was literally the high point of our trip being over 2000 ft above sea level. We have crossed it before, the last time was so foggy I offered to walk in front of the landrover. Today wasn’t a great deal better! I guess the views are stunning! The drops certainly are!

But I have missed out a good chunk of today…. We woke to blue skies (photo proof) but they were chased away by ‘scotch mist’ driving in hard from Skye. We had some teasing views of the mountains, the Torridon giants rose up out of the clouds, although the hills to the north of Loch Maree were noticeable by their absence! From Torridon we drove around Applecross with great 180 degree views of Skye from our lunch spot from The Cullins in the south to the Quirang in the north, with the island of Raasay in front! I did find a yarny stop too – wool & weavers it said, from their own sheep. Quite interesting I guess. ‘He’ was a wood turner ‘She’ was a weaver & spinner but the sheep were Gothlands & I was at a bit of a loss as to what I might want to ‘do’ with scratchy grey wool! I saved my pennies yet again!

Applecross itself was pretty & pretty busy with tourists (relative I know- we are not talking Grassington on Bank Holiday weekend). We spotted where Monty Hall filmed his first ‘Great Escape’ TV programme though!

We then did ‘the bealach’! It means ‘pass of the cattle’.

Our final stop we decided should be the Caravan Club Site at Sheil Bridge. As I have said before, you know what you are getting with the CC club! You are NOT getting a shower that you have to run around in to get wet! You are NOT getting someone else’s guy ropes by your door, you are NOT going to get a load of noise……..! I have had a GREAT shower & the only noise is from the river alongside the campsite. The mountains may be shrouded in mist but who cares …. I will soon be shutting my eyes anyway!
P.S finished one sock
P.P.S might go to Skye tomorrow.


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