Posted by: fromonthehill | August 2, 2010

A yarny dilema!

After an excellent night we had a look at the geological wonders of Knocken Crag & then the culinary wonders in Tesco in Ullapool – a bit of a restock was called for, principally red wine, onions & tea bags! I found what looked to be a fantastic selection of yarn in a shop on the end of Argyll Street. It was – if you wanted Peruvian yarn or Noro! Part of me was tempted & yet I felt cheated because I wanted yarn that was at least dyed or spun in Scotland if not from Scottish sheep. So I resisted & as we drove south I continued to knit with Scottish dyed ‘Yarn Yard’ sock wool! Sock number one is on the foot section, size 11 uk so let’s not get excited!
A very pleasant drive, with a little sunshine, took us round Loch Broom, Little Loch Broom and Loch Ewe to Gairloch & a campsite with views round 180 degrees from the mountains of Torridon to the isles of the west & our beloved North Uist. Whilst Sands is quite a big commercial site the minimum distance between units is 7 metres & the undulating landscape makes actual distances apart larger. We are perched on the hill top & no one can spoil our view!
….. and yes it was so warm I wore my gloves to walk on the beach!

All quite quite happy & content.


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