Posted by: fromonthehill | August 1, 2010

Its a two fleece day!

Awoke to drizzle aka ‘scotch mist’ & the wind had gone round to the north so yes, the temperature had fallen into single figures! I decided to don a fleece base layer & for most of the day, a fleece mid layer as well! The superb scenery through the north west highland geopark was lost to us in thick cloud & rain. The golden road round Drumberg wasn’t golden but grey & at Stoer lighthouse the impact of the real drop in temperature was evident. August 1st! Pah! The weather doesn’t often affect my mood but today it has. Not impressed at all…. Home comfortably in two days…???? Anyhow we had a good mooch around the excellent Assynt information centre in Lochinver & then we drove south towards the Summer Isles. Early afternoon tea by the jetty, no rain & it became less likely that we would end up on Harrogate before the month was much older! ….. and I had nearly reached the heel on himself’s sock!
Found a superb camping spot right by the side of Loch Broom, I reckon high tide will be about 20 metres sway from the side of the truck, but it’s a sheltered inlet so we should be ok! All but the tops of the highest peaks are now appearing from out of the clouds and there is some blue sky around…. Even if I am still wearing two fleeces!



  1. lovely to read about your adventures.

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