Posted by: fromonthehill | July 29, 2010

North Coast

Managed to wipe the first draft! Spent today travelling about 2/3 of the north coast of Scotland, exploring lots of ‘dead ends’ on the way – many of them ending up at lovely beaches and harbours. Tonight we are ‘wild camping’ alongside the Kyle of Tongue – a long inlet from the ocean. The old road right around the head of the Kyle is now by-passed by a road & bridge so there are few cars passing, a lovely spot for us & another for Dutch campervan about a mile inland from here! Sat here watching the tide rise & drinking a glass of single malt!

On the knitting front, the hat is finished, Robs socks started & the sweater frogged! It was HUGE & I only knitted the medium!

The wine bottle in the sock picture…. Half price in Tesco’s! Should have been £10! Delicious!



  1. So enjoying following your scottish holiday. I love Scotland and its islands but sadly won’t be visiting this year so I’m reading your adventures and pretending!

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