Posted by: fromonthehill | July 26, 2010

Knitting my way north

By the middle of Monday afternoon we had ‘dropped legs’ at Dalcharm on the north east coast. We are now as far north as the Isle of Harris and as far west as Plymouth. I have just completed my first knitting project of the trip. It’s an Anne Hanson pattern, so it goes without saying that it was a delight to knit. It’s knitted in Dream in Color Baby so that’s another plus. I started it before I left home & it’s a cute scarf called Les Abeilles- the bees I believe!

We just have a golf course between us & the beach. The showers that accompanied us north have gone for now but at least they encouraged us to have our first ‘ Scottish heart attack’ of the trip! A bacon, black pudding & egg roll’ at the highly recommended ‘ the mountaineer’ cafe above the Cairngorm Mountain shop in Aviemore!

A quick glance at the weather forecast suggests that the rain may return this evening so it’s a walk on the beach now I think. The beach is famous as a nesting ground for Arctic Terns so there maybe some good camera shots but not with the iPhone camera.

What else is on the knitting needles? A sweater! Yup a sweater! I know I don’t normally go on for stuff with bits and sleeves but a had a bargain buy of Debbie Bliss Aran tweed just shouting ‘sweater’ and as it’s bright pink it had to be for me! It’s a simple drop shoulder Aran type pattern from Drops Designs. We shall see!

P.S. Got bombed by Arctic Terns, got soaked!

The photo is of the knitting just before the last few rows!


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