Posted by: fromonthehill | June 27, 2010


What can be said about Woolfest 2010? We will be back in 2011? Without a doubt! Wonderful? Yup! Full of wonderful indi spinners, dyers, wood turners, felters? That’s right. In short it was an absolute treat for any fibre fanatic. It was comfortably casual with stall holders tucked away in the animal pens at Cockermouth cattle mart. It wasn’t expensive to go in (£6) & there was no ‘tat’! No one appeared to be in search of bulk buys of cheap acrylic & most appeared to be suffering sensory overload as they wandered around petting and stroaking the yarn. It has to be said that Anne, Sue & myself were in ‘clover’. Just very very happy for about 4 hours ….. and then Mr J dog & I went camping! A recipe for a great weekend!

My yarn ‘score’ was 4 Yarn Yard (Inc. 2 bargins & a skein of yarn in ‘manly colours’), 2 from Artisan yarns (1 sock & one alpaca silk & cashmere lace weight for sister) & 1 Wild Fibre yarns. I also lightened P2 tog load by a pair of sock blockers and 2 lots knitpick needles. I could have bought tons more but managed a little restraint! Anne & Sue also shopped well! Yarny picture at the end of the post.

The hot sunny weather continued into Sunday. A lazy morning (for me, mr j went for a 10k run in training for next Saturdays’ Black Country Half Marathon!) and then a scenic return home. Lunch & an hour or so was spent by a pretty but fairly dry stream in Barbondale (second picture). Home via Dent & Ribbleshead topped off a wonderful weekend!



  1. Mum and I went up in the camper van(Mabel) too. We had a lovely trip ending in an overnight stay on Coldbeck common with wild ponies!

  2. your purchases look lovely! Sounds like a nice weekend!

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