Posted by: fromonthehill | June 19, 2010

June, the story so far

What a week! Last Friday was my birthday. It’s nice to have birthdays, I had some lovely presents but the bit that sucks is the number – keeps getting bigger! The knitty gifts from my sister were inspired! A really cute projects bag, yarn & two fantastic books. Knitting new mittens & gloves has super designs & I will be knitting lots of gloves this winter and ‘ knitted socks east and west’ is equally good. Both books were seriously admired at ‘knit night’ this week. It was a very good knit night in many ways, lots of chat, laughs, muffins, brownies and a bit of knitting but sad nevertheless as we said fairwell to one of our American friends. Tina is moving back to Denver next month & so to send her on her way we decided to give her a stash of British wool. Each of us contributed a skein of something lovely that we knew she would love. I added a skein of merino & tencel sock yarn from Woolhunter down in Pembrokeshire. It was in a fantastic shade of green ‘cos Tina loves green & when it arrived I noticed that the shade name ‘ morrocan mint tea’ made it even more fitting as the girl loves her herbal teas! We also collated a pattern book with each one of us suggesting a pattern that we thought she would like & stating the reason why. It made quite a thick volume with a huge range of patterns. Tina’s love of knitting toys is evident but in addition there were cute jackets for baby Amelia plus good sock, shawl and mitt patterns for the cold Colorado winters. Both proved to be inspired gifts & will make sure that Tina remembers her friends ‘at home in Harrogate’ as she knits up the patterns & works through her British stash!

Other departures this week! Son & heir has left for ten weeks or so. He has landed a dream job. Last year his ‘office’ was the snowy heights of Courcheval, now it’s a beach in Jersey! He has gone to work for a watersports company in Jersey, kyaking, coastering, water skiing, sand buggies that sort of thing! And they pay him! He will be living with his best friend from uni. who is a native of the State of Jersey & is all set for a summer to remember! Mama has, of course, shed a few quiet tears as it all happened very quickly but honestly a hotel receptionist in Yorkshire or a water sports instructor in Jersey…..!!!!!!

… and he likes his socks & wants another pair ….. in plain red! On with kniting, Dane is finished & blocked. I think that this pattern is a real hit. It’s fun & quick to knit, would work in a range of yarns & is a beautiful shape. I have started on Serephinum in lace weight yarn I bought last year at the Harrogate knitting & stitching show. It’s 100% merino, the colour is wonderful & so far the pattern is really boring! Stocking stitch in lace weight! Am I nuts? It will have to serve the same role as plain socks until it gets to the good bits! Knit Nights and watching sport on TV (although last nights England match wouldn’t have disturbed me from kniting complex lace or cables !!!) Hopefully this mornings England v Australia rugby will be a) more exciting and b)lead to an England win! To both teams … I know you don’t want to peak too soon but really boys at least give us some sign that you will come good when it matters!

What else? It’s Woolfest next week and I AM GOING! ‘Brian’ will be loaded onto the truck this week & packed up for a weekend in the Lake District! It will be his first outing this year, although he has been used for dormitory accomodation at home he has yet to venture forth. I will report back next week on this little adventure!

The photo is of the blocked Dane!



  1. Woolfest!!! I am so envious….enjoy!

  2. What a thoughtful and wonderful idea to put together the stash and patterns for your friend!!! Your shawl is beautiful! We had our Yorkshire friends here today for Laura’s baptism and a grand feast afterwards. And, they brought me my coveted Tetley Decaf (I can’t drink caffeine šŸ˜¦ šŸ˜¦ ), some digestives, a Battenberg cake and some gummies for the kids. Delightful!

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