Posted by: fromonthehill | June 3, 2010

House Socks

Son & heir has never bothered about wanting a pair of Mum’s hand knitted socks.

That’s not been a problem as I am never short of things to knit & he is very picky!

However things have changed! Whilst at Alnmouth with his beloved Aunt & Uncle & adoptive ‘Aunt & Uncle’ (!) he was teased as the only one without ‘house socks’! Even the baby had a pair. So now house socks are wanted but does he want lovely self striping yarn! No! Does he want interesting textures? No! Plain, stocking stitch in bright yellow please! At least they are a fast, easy knit & will be super cost. King Cole
Merino has just the right shade! Infact they have an excellent range of colours. Maybe the next pair will be a bit more exciting to knit? Still I can’t refuse ‘m’boy’ can I?

I also have a pair for DH on the needles in Regia 6 ply Crazy Stripe!



  1. The yellow socks are rather amazing! Gorgeous colour. I must look for that King Cole Merino myself.
    I really love those Regia yarns – they choose such wonderful colours for their self-striping yarns. The colourway you have used looks really interesting.

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