Posted by: fromonthehill | June 2, 2010

Is summer here? Part Two!

It’s a lovely warm morning & everything in the garden is happy- well watered by a day of rain & now thriving in the summer sun. Son & heir will attempt to get to Jersey today! Yesterdays flight returned to Leeds at 6.30 last night after leaving there at 8 am & spending most of the day at bournmouth airport! Whilst the ground staff at Leeds were very helpful within their very limited powers I have nothing positive to say about Jet2. I know they are cheap but they still operate in a service industry! At least Mr Ryanair is honest!

Anyhow he is now getting 6 days in jersey not 3, although it delays the start of paid work, which is a happy note to end on! I will report back on any outcomes from the long list of complaints to be made to Jet2 who happily ignored many EU regulations on the treatment of delayed passengers!

Hmm just lost the rest of the post I had drafted! I like updating from the iPhone but perhaps a little more practice is needed!

Where was I? Ah Dane! A lovely pattern. Apparently it’s a traditional Danish shape which means it has long tails. This I like, not to tie it around my waist, but to wear kerchief style, tied around my neck. Travelling Woman is similar & I love that design. One disadvantage of posting on the iPhone is that I can’t add hyperlinks but both designs are easy to track down via Ravelry.

I will finish up with photos- Dane and a few from the garden.



  1. your views are lovely! It’s been ages since we last met – please tell me you’ll be at mine next knit night?

    take care and catch you soon.

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