Posted by: fromonthehill | May 29, 2010

Time to reflect?

It’s now the end of term and quite slot has happened since Easter on the work/ school front. I have taken up the opportunity to ‘come back from the darkside’ i.e from ‘pastoral’ to ‘curriculum’ responsibility. It’s a bit less cash & less ‘senior’ but I will be Head of Geography & ks3 Humanities & loose the stress of ‘attendance leader’. In all I am rather excited about it! As my colleague kindly pointed out the other day, I am a ‘ geography geek’! Officially the change is for next term but as the head of geography has just started her maternity leave …. I have two jobs for the next half term! The ks3 humanities will be the challenging bit as we teach gcse humanities to yes 8 and 9 & I hope to develop a more wholistic approach to it’s delivery, even though there is a geography, history and RE component.

So that’s work! What else?
Knitting? Yes there has been knitting. A couple of baby blankies. One for baby Ben & one for baby geographer. For Ben a hemlock ring in baby Aran to address the baby fluids issue. I don’t have much to do with 100% synthetic yarn but I was quite impressed with how it knitted up & has washed. The other one was in sirdar click & knitted up in a weekend. It’s a lovely ‘faux’ patchwork blankie & hopefully will calm sister Nellie’s fears that the baby will need to have her blanket! I loved knitting both blankets, neither took very long & I shall be on the lookout for some yarn & a pattern to make a throw for our house! Caracia is finished & despite a slightly too tight cast off, is lovely. I have a growing collection of single socks but enough of that. A few journeys should provide them with partners.

It’s bank holiday weekend, cool & damp but LAST weekend we were lucky enough to have spent a hot, sunny weekend by the coast in Northumberland. We were able to share my sister’s holiday rental in Alnmouth & it was wonderful. Northumberland is a fantastic place whatever the weather but to be able to laze on the beach in the sun was just what was needed! We are back up there tomorrow as son & heir has his second kite surfing lesson & we are tagging along for the ride!

Said son & heir has completed his first university year & is now back home. The food bills are set to rise! Clearly he has had a great time. He has super friends & seems to have got good marks! They finished the year with a ‘personal development’ field course in the Lake District’ which was pretty good I believe. Lots of challenge & team building!

I have to type that I think my iPhone is possibly the coolest thing I own! It’s perhaps not the greatest phone but everything else about it is fab! I am drafting this post on it, all of the photos in the post were taken with it, I have just added bloglines to it so I can keep up with other blogs easily ( something I am ashamed to say I have neglected). I use Twitter to keep up with all sorts, especially some of the innovative teachers who share their ideas via Twitter. Actually what I love about the iphone & the apps I use worth a post on it’s own!



  1. Wow, that lace blanket is just gorgeous!!!

  2. Congratulations on your job! And less stressful too…definitely worth it!

    I love your photos taken on “just” a phone – I’m very envious.

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