Posted by: fromonthehill | April 12, 2010

Knitting too!

Whilst skiing in La Clusaz I had a couple of knitting projects on the go. A rose red beret in dream in color classy & of course a pair of socks (the not yet finished ‘spring forward’). Rose Red was my first Ysolda Teague patten & was lovely to work on. I went up a needle size & did the large to guarentee slouch factor. I got it!Infact I had to stitch a piece of polar fleece into he rim to maintain size and shape. Its actually a reddy brown (gothic rose) not purple! I plan to knit her flip top mitts to go with the beret. They are really cute!

Our final day in La Clusaz involved slot of fresh snow falling on us but we had huge fun!

We had a day to spare before our Sunday flight so went on a tour! We left La Clusaz via the Col de Aravis, with 9 ft snow on either side of the road near the summit & then onto Chamonix. We have been to ‘Cham’ in summer but not in winter & it was great to wander around the now car free streets & wait for the high mountains to show themselves. We did get a few spectacular glimpses!  The Dru looked mighty fine under snow.



  1. The beret is beautiful! my sister and I really like Ysolda’s patterns. I’m working on an Elizabeth Zimmerman baby pattern just now. So far I’m pleased….

  2. That mountain is spectacular! But less approachable than Kinder 🙂

  3. I really like that beret. The pattern on it is very pleasing.

    The moutains take my breath away. Reminds me of last year when we saw Crosby Nash and Stills at the Albert Hall, way up in the gods, and I spent ten trembling minutes with my hands over my eyes before we were moved (much) further down. Ooooh, scary.

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