Posted by: fromonthehill | October 29, 2009

Knitting Pattern & other things

snowday cowl_edited-1Its small cheese but I now have two knitting patterns listed as my ‘designs’ on Ravelry. I have uploaded the patterns as pdf’s & managed to get things linked together. They will also be available on the blog by clicking on the tabs at the top of the page. They are two versions of a cowl I knitted in a ‘snow day’ last December. They are simple but I like them & they are a small ‘pay back’ for all of the free fab. patterns I have found through Ravelry.


snow gaiter picture final

‘Snow Day Gaiter, the more ‘manly’ version of Snow Day Cowl & ‘Snow Day Cowl’ herself!

I have got another couple of patterns that I have knitted but need to be test knit or at least re-knitted by me that may appear before Christmas.

I am actually beginning to think I have taken on a tad too much on the knitting front but we shall see! I am knitting a pair of socks for Pure Purl to have on her stand at the Harrogate Knitting & Stitching Show in three weeks time, I have 2 socks knitted from different patterns & yarns & various pressie knits plus our knitting group’s Christmas Swap! Shame about the day job! Oh well…knit on!

rob and moss

This week is Half Term….. thank goodness…..!!!!

We took ‘Brian’ to the north east, camped at Old Hartley Caravan Site, mooched around Newcastle …… The quay side made interesting viewing for people & dog.eye

The ‘Eye’ was opened just as we stood sipping coffee (Black Americano for me, Cappuccino for himself) We were of course able to feed the student, take him to Costco so he could stock up on supplies & we generally checked that son & heir was actually OK. Which he is, very OK infact.

We didn’t hang around until Wednesday, but if we had we could have watched his second appearance for the Lacrosse Team! Its a game that is new to him but apparently he has ‘flair’ & ‘promise’! Stick, ball, physically challenging…. his parents are not surprised!



  1. No ‘small cheese’ at all! I love how your cowls look and fully intend to knit them for Igor and I…

    Glad the son&heir is getting on well at uni – Newcastle is a great place for a student, I reckon. My sister was there in the 70s and it was like nothing I’d experienced before when I visited her, being the drippy southerner that I was!

    And thanks for your comments and info about tekkie stuff – I’ve actually been inspired and had a look for mp3 players today! But there are so many of them! which to choose! X

    • Thank You! The Creative Zen are (they come in different capacity wise sizes) nifty, not as expensive as ipods either and are not much bigger than a credit card.

  2. So happy for you about the cowl patterns!!!
    Heather L.

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