Posted by: fromonthehill | September 26, 2009

Why have I moved & what has been happening?

I became very frustrated when trying to add photos to blogger. It was OK if I did it in one go, but not if I typed a bit & then added a photo & then typed a bit more before adding another. Then Clarabelle moved for the same reason & I realised that it wasn’t just me being a bit ham fisted! So, we will see how this goes! Adding a pretty header was easier too! At the moment its the view to North Uist from the road near Stein in northern Skye. I have the same view as the desktop on my laptop & I just love it!

For me September is back to school, of course, same for Mr J. This September also sees son & heir’s début as a University student. He has been at Northumbria University for two weeks. The verdict after three days? ‘Beyond awesome’! Infact, much to the amusement of his Aunt & Uncle, most things have become ‘awesome’! There is sometimes a qualifying comment on the lines of ‘other than skiing’ or ‘other than Courcheval’ but that was to be expected. Obviously abandoning him in the surprising luxury of his ensuite student accommodation, with views over the Tyne bridges, was a little traumatic for the doting Mama, but we left him in glorious sunshine & within an hour we had arrived on the beach south of Alnmouth, armed with a picnic from Sainsbury’s in Alnwick, to join sister, BiL, Bil’s sister & her husband (in other words, the bike ride crew!). It was beautiful! Hot! We had a fantastic time. We stayed until after tea on Sunday. Evening in AlnmouthWe visited Cragside on Sunday morning & then lounged in ‘The Boathouse’ & luxuriated in the wonderful views over the estuary.Mirror in natureNo! The picture is NOT upside down!

We were back in the North-East last Sunday. Husband did the ‘Great North Run’. BiL got ill with a horrid chest infection & wasn’t able to compete again. The student had already decided that it wasn’t an ideal end to ‘Freshers Week’ & so had not entered. This means they all have one finish each as DH was injured last year! It was a fantastic day. Warm for spectators! We picked up the student from his quayside apartment! He was on top form but the decision about running was probably right! He might have held his Dad back as Daddy completed the race in 1 hr 49 m & came something like 5,000th  & 265th in his age group. 50,000+ people ran! All VERY proud! Pictures to come. Next race is the Birmingham Half Marathon in two weeks time. Hopefully BiL will be fit & they can complete another race together.

Apart from all the rest of ‘start of term’ stuff, for me September/ October is fieldwork time. Yesterday I went to Grassington with my GCSE group. On Friday its Yr 13 & a day on the North York Moors & then its three days in the Lake District with Year 12. Although being out of school involves additional work, such trips are always one of the most satisfying parts of a Geography teachers lot & yesterday was no exception.

I have managed some knitting in all of this. I have finished my ‘Ginger’ scarf & giving it a light block is one of the pleasurable tasks for today. A couple of pairs of mitts have flown of the needles. One for SiL’s birthday, one for me. Both knitted in aran weight yarn & using the pattern Juniper Mitts.Purple Paws for Helen Quick & cosy mitts. I think that the Gracie shawl will be one for the long haul!. Its a nice thing to work on but the rows are all ready very long. I think I am going to cast on Water Diamonds scarf, but use a thicker yarn & fatter needles to make a real warm winter scarf. I snapped up some Sirdar Hug as a bargin price, in a lovely pale grey which should do the job.I did flirt with the idea of Faeroe but realistically it wasn’t going to happen. It would have been a three figure price tag apart from any technical issues! I also need to finish my sunshine socks & get some more socks on the needles. That could be a fieldtrip knit I think.

Oh….by the way… I am Sue & I am addicted to ‘farmville’ on Facebook!



  1. I adore wordpress and have been using it for over a year now! Great to see you here, Sue! 🙂

    I always love seeing the sights through your eyes!

  2. Glad to hear that ‘the student’ has settled in well, but poor mummy!… I was in tears leaving my son when he started uni in London, and I don’t do ‘crying’ very often!

    Lovely photos, and thanks for the Juniper mitts link – very cute.

    • Hmmm! Tears were shed! At least I had some practice leaving him in Courcheval last winter. Newcastle is only 80 minutes away so this time was not so bad!

  3. Everyone who’s anyone seems to be switching to WordPress. I may have to do so too 🙂

    • If was easily done & so far the photo thing is much easier. Come on over! Question is, do I move my school blogs? There is a wealth of info. in them, although they are a little disorganised due to changes in specifications, I need to learn a little more about WordPress before I move!

  4. The new blog looks great and that is a lovely photo for the header.
    Glad to hear that your student settled in well. Mine has only just gone (last Saturday) so its early days yet but so far so good. I actually managed to get through Saturday without tears but the next day i have to say I wasn’t much use to anyone! – better today though now I’ve had a cheerful phone call.

    • I am glad we had our ‘mini holiday’ in Alnmouth for the rest of the weekend! I confess to tears after a surprise phone call when I got home on Friday -at least it was only witnessed by the dog!

  5. I love the new site. Congratulations on making this move.

  6. Glad to know you are here!!! hope wordpress works better for you. Your blog is beautiful.

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